Mary Snell and Hellenic Society in the news in Greece…

We just received an interesting article that was published on a Greek newspaper about Mary Snell, our president, and she her husband, prof. Irwin Novak have set up a second home in lesvos and all the work they are doing with U.S. students in Greece as well as the current “Portes” exhibition coming up in Greece on June 8th.

Please see the article written in … greek. If it is greek to you, then you could use google’s chrome browser and have it translate the whole page for you. I did that and here is the google-translation of this above web page:

The island is the second home

Mary Snell – President of the Greek Maine – America.

You have the authenticity that excites …
Long before managed to bring together municipalities of Maine and Porlant of Mytilene twin to Mrs. Mary Snell had come in Lesvos the 80s and had discovered the lesbian outdoors with the specifics of staying impressed literally …

“When I wanted after years, with my husband Erwin Novak, Professor of the University of Southern Maine, wanted to return with him to this place that had me enthralled from the start. The authenticity of people and even the landscape, we did not buy the polyskeftoume a ruin in Mistegna and choose the island as a second home.
Mr. Novak adds: “It was the most bizarre and crazy thing I did in my life time …. Just bought this ruin I thought” what’s going to do “but this simple routine in the villages and in our town so enchanted that we decided to organize cooperation and through the University of Maine and the Aegean in order to bring graduate students each year for three weeks on the island. This was organized for the first time in 1995 where students attended classes environmental geology.
The same program was continued with great success and participation until 2007.
For us it was really a difficult event when you had to adjust the courses, accommodation and nutrition students. You understand that all this but financially contributed to the place we choose as our second home, so this suit us because we felt that we do something about this place ”
Mrs. Mary Snell as philhellene, she was founded in Portland the Hellenic Society of Maine, the Greek Organization itself has promoted the demand for twinning the two cities in 2003. “I am a lover of Greek culture and I think a town with open doors for both culture and the artists who live in these cities. Already those who know the activities of our organization can not say, “adds Ms. Snell” that all these years have brought notable artists on the island and in turn has hosted local artists in Portland. It is worth mentioning some of them as the famous photographer Rose Marasco, which in exchange traveled to Lesvos, Chios and Limnos photographing portraits of women and their environment, the actor and theater.director Wil Kilroy who conducted workshops in various parts of the island come in contact with amateur actors who were taught techniques both in acting and directing and theater artists who spearheaded the Classical and Jazz music.

Let us not forget that thanks to these exchanges Sofia Tata unique tapiserisa that was left in the Aegean had traveled to the University of Maine to teach the students there all the secrets of plant colors used in the same tapestry that made.

This year’s cultural exchange
In exchange, Ms. Snell as President of the Hellenic Society of Main for this year is to bring the works of 50 artists from the region of Maine with mixed techniques and under the heading “DOORS”.

She explains that knowing the tragic economic situation and of course, by extension, the City of Lesbos, took itself all transportation costs of both projects and the curators of the exhibition.

Indeed, she emphasized that this report will set up a no frills philosophy works in frames and without pomp in the overall planning.

The title, “DOORS” as mentioned by the President of the Greek Association of Maine reflects the cultural significance of any events that will allow us to have the doors open in our lives, and the seaports of twinned towns will be the stimulus for exchanges various forms of culture.

The exhibition will be held on June 8 at 7.30pm at the Municipal Gallery of Halim Bey and will last until June 14 and will participate in the U.S. and students on the same day you complete the training course.

Already this summer long training program with 20 students is under way and off the course by attending the University, Mr. J. Novak, Mrs. Mary Snell and professors of the University. Aegean, young people have the opportunity to tour the villages and to become acquainted with the place and its people.

Ms. Snell also argues that “to know a good place, you must enter deeply into the culture, to become one of the people next door and listen to all those that characterize the daily life of an island.”

And she does the same. The daily routine includes all those simple movements and habits of the people of the village. In the stone house in Mistegna all embedded in a traditional context, so the food and decor …

The only way out of the «real life» is the contact with students or with the artists as long are the courses and cultural exchanges. About six months left on the island and the second home as she wants to say, spends her time writing poetry, walks in the countryside and doing lesbian with friends from the village.

Her own reality for the island has to do with the authenticity that has kept the place and people, a perfect tourist product that we ourselves unfortunately we have not yet discovered ……”

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