“Loafing and Camouflage” (“Λούφα και Παραλλαγή”) Dir.: Nikos Perakis Greece,1984

Sunday, November 1, 3 PM, Talbot Auditorium, Luther Bonney Hall, USM Portland campus

loufakaiparalagiThis film is a modern Greek comedy classic that spawned a sequel and a TV series. The film tells the story of a group of soldiers, who, during their compulsory military service in 1967 and 1968 (just before and at the beginning of the Greek Junta) are assigned to the, then, recently founded Armed Forces Television. This TV station, founded for the civilian population, was run by the Cinematographic Unit of the army which until then had only produced propaganda films and newsreels and was responsible for entertaining the troops and other charity organizations with movie screenings. The personnel were composed mostly of soldiers, who already had experience in the film business in their civilian lives, as well as those who received their training in the army. It deftly reveals the often idiotic funny business that bored soldiers engage in—yet there is an undercurrent of bitterness considering the political situation. 99 minutes. In Greek with English Subtitles.

Awards: Grand Prix, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Editing, 1984, Thessaloniki International Film Festival; Golden Bear, Nominated, 35th Berlin International Film Festival

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