“One Time and a …Baby” (Μια Φορά και ένα… Μωρό)

“One Time and a …Baby” (Μια Φορά και ένα… Μωρό)
Dir: Nikos Zapatinas, Greece

2011 Sunday, November 13, 2016 @3 PM
Talbot Auditorium, Luther Bonney Hall, USM Portland campus

one-time-and-a-babyIn this cute comedy, Nondas (Sakis Boulas), a pistol-packing tough guy in his 50’s, stops his car to relieve himself, but hears a shout from below. It’s a man tied to the railroad tracks who wants to be left alone to die in peace. Alcibiades (Petros Philinnides), an out-of-work lingerie designer, owes money everywhere, has a wife who cheats on him, has never had children — for all these reasons he wants to put an end to his life. But when the train actually approaches, Alcibiades has second thoughts and begs to be released. Nondas agrees to help only if Alcibiades swears he will become his loyal servant. You see, Nondas has a baby in the car and is traveling around to find her mother. It seems Nondas had slept with many women and one of them dropped off “their” baby so that Nondas could take care of her. He needs Alcibiades to help him on this quest. Meanwhile Alcibiades’s wife is riddled with quilt and tries to rescue her despondent husband with her lover in tow. So amongst sexy lingerie, multiple mistresses, the unfaithful wife, and a hard-nosed father, love blooms for a little baby—truly the star of the movie. In Greek with English sub-titles. 86 min.

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