General Consul of Greece in Boston @ USM Portland

Mrs. Iphigenia Kanara, Consul General of Greece in Boston, will give a talk at 5 p.m., Tuesday, October 18, in 133 Wishcamper Center at the University of Southern Maine, Portland, presented by the Hellenic Society of Maine.

A reception will follow. Call 892-9831 for more information.

Mrs. Kanara will speak about flood of migrants and refugees that have crossed into Greece since 2015, and about the overall Greek economic crisis, now in its sixth year. Portland’s Greek Sister City of Mytilene, Lesvos, was and still is a major landing point for those migrants.
Fleeing war and persecution in Syria and elsewhere, an unprecedented humanitarian crisis was sparked in Europe as transit countries struggled to cope with the influx of the more than one million people. Greece found itself in the epicenter of this crisis.
More than 60,000 people remain stranded across the country which, in the midst of its own severe economic crisis, is trying hard to provide for those in need. The crisis has put to the test not only the European Union’s capacity to respond in a united and coordinated way, but also the western world’s readiness to address the problem collectively and in a way compatible to our common values.
Iphigenia Kanara, member of the Greek Diplomatic Corps since 2000, was appointed Consul General of Greece in Boston in April 2013. Prior to taking office, she held the position of Director of the Office of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece. From 2004 to 2009 she served in the Permanent Greek Delegation to the European Union in Brussels. Initially, she was involved in matters regarding the Enlargement of the EU and subsequently was appointed coordinator of the Councils of Ministers of the Union and the Summits of Heads of State and Government.
Consul Kanara has been a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2015, where she has lectured extensively to multiple groups of academics, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members in colleges and university campuses spanning all of New England, non-governmental organizations and other interested groups on matters dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe and other issues of foreign policy. A lecture of special note was the one hosted at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, entitled “Europe in the Grip of a Refugee Crisis: Perspectives from the Region” with other EU Consuls as interlocutors.
Mrs. Iphigenia Kanara graduated from the Department of International and European Economic and Political Studies of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, with a specialization in International Relations and Diplomacy. She holds a Master of Science in European Politics from the London School of Economics. Consul Kanara is fluent in English, French and Spanish, is married and has one daughter.

Irwin Novak, PhD

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