Lecture:“The life and Works of the Naif Painter Theophilos Hatzimihail”

Presented by: Professor Dorothea Klimis-Zacas
USM Portland, Wishcamper Center, Room 103
6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 7

Dorthea Klimis-ZacasBeloved for his whimsical scenes from vil- lage life and/or figures from mythology, The- ophilos of Lesvos became Greece’s most famous primitive painter.

Another native of Lesvos, Prof. Dorothea Klimis-Zacas will give a talk on this intriguing artist titled “The Life and Work of the Naif Painter, Theophilos Hatzimihail.”

Theophilos is known world-wide for his works depicting Greek tradi- tional folklife and history. An itinerant painter, he painted murals on houses and shops until dis- covered by Stratis Eleftheriadis, a famous Parisi- an art critic. He asked the artist to redesign his works on canvas that are now displayed in the Theophilos and Teriade Museums on Lesvos.

Stratos Efthymiou Consul General of Greece in Boston to Speak “US-Greek Relations in a Challenging Regional Context ”

5 p.m., Thursday, January 31,
7th Floor Events Room, Glickman Library, USM Portland

Strratos Efthymiou Consul GeneralStratos Efthymiou will talk about his work as Consul General of Greece in Boston and his country’s regional challenges, initiating a discussion about Greece and developments in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean.

Stratos Efthymiou is a career diplomat working for the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From early 2016 to September 2017 he was the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of its Information & Public Diplomacy Department. As Spokesperson he was part of the Greek negotiating team in the UN Conferences on the Cyprus issue in Geneva and in Crans Montana.

He was also responsible for the public diplomacy and the social media of the Greek Foreign Ministry and for the communication aspects of international events such as the Ancient Civilization’s Forum and the two Rhodes Conferences for Security and Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ambassador David Pearce: “Why Diplomacy Matters”

Why Diplomacy Matters”
By David Pearce Former Ambassador to Greece 2013-2015
Date: Friday, September 21,  @ 5:30pm
Location: Room 102 Wishcamper Hall, USM Portland

We are excited to announce a talk by the Honorable David Pearce, former U.S Ambassador to Greece (and Algeria). He will discuss why U.S. engagement abroad matters, drawing on over four decades of experience of living and working overseas, as a journalist and diplomat. He will also provide practical examples of diplomacy at work, from his time as Ambassador to Greece from 2013-2016, and his  many years of work in the Middle East.
Ambassador Pearce has held senior-level positions at the State Department in Washington, with responsibility for Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
After three years of service as Ambassador in Athens, he retired in November 2016 from the U.S. Department of State as a Career Minister, the second-highest rank attainable in the Foreign Service.

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