Lesvos Hospital Aid Update

Our help is on its way to Portland’s Sister City — Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece!

The container full of humanitarian medical supplies and equipment was placed aboard a ship in New York on Saturday Oct. 22 and is now on its way to the port of Piraeus in Greece. It is projected to arrive on November 19. It will then be placed on a truck bed, driven onto a large ferry boat, and taken to the island of Lesvos and then to the Mytilene General Hospital.

 Approximately 10 volunteers joined staff members of Partners for World Health and loaded the container by hand – box by box – on Friday Oct. 14. It took five hours to fill the 40-foot container with nearly 900 items – the most that has ever been sent in one load, according to staff. In addition to tons of supplies of all kinds, included were four hospital beds, examining tables, chairs, walkers, and IV poles, plus equipment like defibrillators, etc.

 This extraordinary project of the Hellenic Society of Maine was made possible by our more than 90 individual donors and businesses, by a group donation from the parishioners of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland, and by one person in particular, Jeffery Choney — all who gave the more than $21,000 needed to make this happen.

 A special thanks to the members of the band, Skordalia, which performed the kick-off benefit concert; and to the USM School of Music for the venue. Invaluable assistance with customs issues was provided by Consul General of Greece in Boston, Mrs. Iphigenia Kanara. Shipping is being handled by Mike’s Shipping in Revere, Mass.

 Once all expenses for this project are settled, any remaining money will be used to send smaller boxes of supplies to the hospital.

 Thank you, thank you all!

Hellenic Society of Maine

Lesvos Hospital Aid: Shipment of humanitarian medical aid on its way!

A container full of recovered medical supplies and equipment was loaded this past Friday Oct. 13 by a crew of volunteers at the Partners for World Health warehouse on Canco Road, Portland. The 40-foot container left by truck for a shipping depot in Massachusetts, then will go on to New York where it will be loaded on a ship bound for Piraeus, Greece.

 This is the next phase in the HSoM project — Lesvos Hospital Aid — to support the Mytilene General Hospital in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece – Portland’s Greek Sister City. The hospital is the primary health provider for all of the Greek residents of the island, and for the more than 6,000 refugees and migrants who are stuck in camps on the island waiting for their requests for asylum to be processed. These people are part of the more than 600,000 who have passed through this one island into Europe.

 Our recent fundraising campaign topped its goal of $20,000 which was needed to obtain and ship the supplies. Thanks again to all of those who donated and made this possible.


Irwin Novak, PhD

Hellenic Society of Maine Newsletter – Fall 2016


We have published our Newsletter for Fall 2016 which highlights our latest activities, upcoming movies, Lectures and other updates  about the Hellenic Society of Maine. Please click on the link to download your own copy HSoM Newsletter Fall 2016

Older Versions of our newsletter are available on the “Newsletter” page.

Greek Consul General Coming to Maine!

iphigenie-karnalasMrs. Ifigenia Kanara, Consul General of Greece in Boston, will be coming to the University of Southern Maine in Portland, 133 Wishcamper Hall at 5 p.m.,

Tuesday, October 18, 2016. A reception will follow. Mrs. Kanara will speak about the more than 1 million people, migrants and refugees, that crossed the Mediterranean Sea in 2015, fleeing war and per- secution in Syria and elsewhere. An unprecedented humanitarian crisis was sparked in Europe as transit countries were struggling to cope with the influx.

Greece found itself in the epicentre of this crisis. More than 60,000 people remain stranded across the Greece which in the midst of a severe economic crisis is trying hard to provide for those in need. The crisis has put to the test not only the European Union’s ca-

pacity to respond in a united and coordinated way, but also the western world’s readiness to address the problem collectively and in a way compatible to our common values.

Lesvos Hospital Aid – WE DID IT!

lesvos-thank-youLesvos Hospital Aid — A Fundraising Campaign to Send Humanitarian Aid to our Sister City – Mytilene, Lesvos

The Hellenic Society of Maine undertook the largest project in its history – the sending of a container of medical supplies and equipment as humanitarian aid for the hospital of Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece – Portland’s Sister City. We have just met our goal of $20,000.

Thank you to all who contributed !

The container will be packed mid-October. Then it will be trucked to New York City where it will be loaded on a ship for Piraeus in late October. It will take approximately one month for shipping and handling to Mytilene.

HSoM is working with Partners for World Health, a non-profit organization based in South Portland, founded by Elizabeth McLellan, that obtains the medical supplies and equipment. We are also working with the Carpos Foundation, an organization affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Church, to assist with shipping logistics.

HSoM is responsible for all expenses. Any money received above the goal will be used to purchase additional supplies for the hospital, so there is still an opportunity to contribute to this humanitarian effort.

Update: Lesvos Hospital Aid

Last Sunday’s the concert, our first event on this fundraising project, was well attended. From the Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling, City Councilor Nick Mavodones, to the founder of Partners for World Health, Elizabeth McLellan, and so many other Mainers at the USM School of Music, Gorham Maine. The Boston group Skordalia entertained the crowd with traditional music from the island of Lesvos.

The Hellenic Society of Maine (HSoM) has undertaken the project and is working with Partners for World Health, a non-profit organization based in South Portland, to obtain the medical supplies. HSoM will be responsible for all fees and expenses. Our goal is to raise $20,000 that will cover the expenses for the sending medical supplies to Lesvos.

With the proceeds of the concert and so many generous donations we raised approximately $13,000 of our goal. We still need your help. Please share our news from our website and our Facebook page with your friends and ask them to help as well. Keep sending your donations, Thank you.


The Hellenic Society of Maine presents:
Sunday, August 21, 2016, 7:30 p.m.

by Dean Lampros and “Skordalia” of Boston
Location: Corthell Concert Hall, USM Gorham Campus
Tickets: $20

Help HSoM and PARTNERS FOR WORLD HEALTH ship a container of medical supplies and equipment to the Mytilene Hospital in Portland’s Sister City. Lesvos handled more than 1⁄2 million refugees this past year. That situation, and the ongoing economic crisis in all of Greece, has created shortages in health care.

To purchase tickets in advance call: Chris Ziagos at 775-3607 or Irwin Novak at 892-9831 If you cannot attend please donate.
Send, and make checks payable to, Hellenic Society of Maine, P.O. Box 598, Scarborough, ME 04070 or go to http://www.hellenicsocietyofmaine.org we JUST added an active “Donate” button.